“My advice for a STEM career? Go for it!”

Anne Moore never thought she would end up as the Environmental Manager for Gas Networks Ireland…

After eight years with an innovative engineering company, she enthuses about her exciting job: “I love my role. Every day provides new challenges!”

Blessed with encouragement and support from her parents and teachers to study science and maths, she believes this provided the foundation for her fascinating career.

“I was lucky to come from a home that placed huge emphasis on maths in school. My father had a love of maths and helped me and my siblings all the way through school.

“I also had female chemistry and biology teachers who were passionate about their subjects, who influenced me to pursue a university degree in Science.

“I was lucky to be in a school with a strong emphasis on the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

“I would love it if all girls had the same access to STEM subjects in school. I think this is key to women entering the STEM path. I advise girls considering a STEM career to ‘Go for it!’ It’s a wonderful career, both challenging and enjoyable.”

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