Women in STEM Summit 2024

Addressing the STEM shortage in Ireland to meet the needs of industry

13 March 2024

Croke Park, Dublin

2024 Agenda and Speakers information coming soon

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13 March 2024
Croke Park, Dublin
2024 Agenda and Speakers information coming soon

About Women in STEM Summit 2024

Initiatives to address the shortage of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) occupations have gained momentum in recent years, resulting in significant improvements in some STEM-related fields. However given Ireland’s rooted tech dominance, it is unsurprising that prioritising a sustainable approach to STEM is an ongoing effort for successive Irish governments in order to address demand outstripping supply of tech workers. 

Demand for STEM skills is expected to grow by 8% to 2025. The number of multinational tech giants establishing or expanding an Irish presence ahead of its EU neighbours places extra pressure on the local talent pool. One of the government’s key considerations is to target females with long-term recruitment and retainment policies, with a view to making STEM industries more attractive. However 46% of science, engineering and tech companies are struggling to fill key roles and 64% reporting that talent deficits are a critical concern for employers. How can we plug the gaps?

In the workplace, 25% of jobs that require STEM skills are undertaken by women – but notably with an even greater under-representation of female senior executives at management levels. One recent study showed that by boosting females into STEM positions globally, world economies would benefit by an additional $12 trillion by 2025. However despite broad policy efforts to increase female representation, the gender divide is stark.

The Women in STEM Summit 2024 will bring together thought leaders, educators, policy makers, innovators and pioneers in industry to discuss how address the STEM shortage in Ireland to meet the needs of industry. It will provide a platform where they can constructively challenge current ways of thinking and offer new perspectives.

The Summit will showcase some of Ireland’s leading companies who are creating diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces that allow every employee to thrive, regardless of their background. Expert speakers will discuss the next steps for businesses and employers and how best they can embrace equity to inspire all future women of STEM including those with disabilities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, ethnic and religious groups as well as those from less well-off socio-economic backgrounds. 

The Women in STEM Summit 2024 is a key event for all those championing diversity, equity and inclusion throughout their teams, organisations and industries. Everyone has a part to play in addressing the STEM shortage in Ireland to meet the needs of industry.

Topics will include:

  • Women in STEM – the stats!
  • The role of government and policy makers
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – addressing the gender bias to achieve ethical AI
  • The motherhood penalty
  • Initiatives at pre-school, primary, second & third level institutions
  • SMEs and the inclusivity challenge
  • Promoting engagement of young girls in STEM subjects
  • Leading a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) awareness in business
  • Fostering a pipeline of female STEM talent in your organisation
  • Peer pressure, stereotyping and the ‘leaky pipeline’
  • Digital transformation in industry & commerce
  • Enhancing women’s lives with health tech innovations
  • The role of women in ESG to build a sustainable future
  • Creating a supportive workplace culture across your organisation
  • The importance of visible role models and mentorship programmes
  • Initiatives and programmes in industry to promote women in STEM
  • Addressing the gender pay gap
  • The role of male champions of change
  • Technological advances in lifestyle businesses
  • Promoting equity in minority and disadvantaged groups
  • Female founders/CEOs – the tech entrepreneurs
  • Rising stars at the forefront of STEM research
  • STEM Education Implementation Plan to 2026
  • Modernising career guidance to be reflective of today’s job market
  • Under-representation of female senior executives at management levels

The Women in STEM Summit is for all those interested in STEM subjects including:

  • Relevant policy-makers and advisors in national and local government
  • Industry leaders in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
  • CEOs, CTOs and other senior IT executives in the tech industry
  • Engineers, scientists, business developers
  • Tech entrepreneurs & founder CEOs
  • SME owners and executives
  • Decision-makers in technology, pharmaceutical, medical devices and scientific companies
  • Early childhood, primary & secondary school teachers
  • Academics and researchers
  • Policy makers in universities and institutions
  • Under graduates, graduates & post-grads looking to pursue a career in STEM
  • Executives working in finance, construction, environmental, social & ESG
  • Women in fashion, food, health, travel, media and entertainment
  • Economic and management consultants
  • Financiers, investors and legal professionals
  • Inclusion and Diversity Specialists
  • HR, Public Affairs and Wellness Managers
  • Marketing, PR and Communications professionals

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