Women in STEM Summit 2022


30th March 2022

Croke Park, Dublin

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About Women in STEM Summit 2022

The inaugural Women in STEM Summit 2022 will showcase the trailblazers leading the way across science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Our speakers will include educators, tech leaders, innovators and pioneers who will share their experiences, advice and insights on advancing and connecting women to empower them with the technology and skills necessary for a better future.

Breaking the biases in education will look at the eco-system of programmes and initiatives that are in place from early childhood all the way through the primary, secondary and third level education system. It will also look at the best competitions, workshops, apprenticeship programmes, fairs and festivals that are supported by government, in collaboration with some of Ireland’s leading tech companies in order to attract, retain and promote gender diversity in STEM subjects.

Breaking the biases in industry will showcase the top companies breaking the biases and applaud the women (and men) within them who are promoting equal opportunities and ensuring a diverse workforce. What are the next steps for businesses and employers? How can we break the biases to ensure equal access to STEM careers for women with disabilities, members of the LBGT+ community, ethnic and religious groups as well as those from less well-off socio-economic backgrounds?

In a series of SheTalksTech we will hear from CEO’s of some of Ireland’s leading companies on how the digital transformation is fundamentally reshaping big industries such as telecoms, finance, medical devices, pharma and construction. We will also hear from the trailblazers shaping the path of lifestyle businesses, such as fashion, food, health, travel, media and entertainment.

In our Shoulders of Giants session, we will be ask leading CEO’s about their STEM role models and mentors. Who are the big influencers? We will be showcasing the rising stars of STEM in our Meet the STEMettes session and in our Female Founders series we will hear from five founders / CEO’s who set up successful innovative, technology companies within the last decade. 

The Women in STEM Summit 2022 is a key event for all those championing diversity, equity and inclusion throughout their teams, organisations and industries. It will bring together the full range of stakeholders including policy makers, educators, business leaders and the trailblazers leading the way across STEM. It provides a platform where they can constructively challenge current ways of thinking and offer new perspectives.

  • Breaking the biases
  • The role of government, educators and employers in ensuring equity
  • Initiatives and programmes to promote women in STEM
  • Digital transformation in industry & commerce
  • Technological advances in lifestyle businesses
  • Breaking the biases in minority groups
  • Gender stereotyping and norms
  • Gender disparities in pay and conditions
  • Tech for good
  • Through the ages – pioneering women in STEM
  • Female founders/CEOs – the tech entrepreneurs
  • Rising stars at the forefront of STEM research
  • CEOs, CTOs and other senior IT executives from the tech industry
  • Relevant policy-makers and advisors in national and local government
  • Engineers, technicians, communications professionals, business developers
  • Tech entrepreneurs and founder CEOs
  • Senior decision-makers in technology, pharmaceutical, medical devices and scientific companies
  • Early childhood, primary & secondary school teachers
  • Academics and researchers
  • Policy makers in universities and institutions
  • Under graduates, graduates & post-grads looking to pursue a career in STEM
  • Executives working in finance, medical devices, pharma and construction
  • Women in fashion, food, health, travel, media and entertainment.
  • Economic and management consultants
  • Financiers and investors
  • Legal professionals
  • HR executives looking for female talent in STEM
  • Women returning to work after a career break
  • Recruitment companies

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